Promotion and Retention Policy

Students can be promoted if they meet the school requirements of promotion.

Streaming Policy

Students will be streamed so as to cater for the learning differences.

Elective Subject Adding Policy

Students can add elective subjects in public examination to pursue academic excellence.

Elective Subject Dropping Policy

Students can drop elective subjects in public examination to meet their learning needs.

Assessment Policy

The whole school/subject based assessment policy provides feedback to both learning and teaching processes.

Reading Work

Morning reading sessions aim at cultivating the whole school reading atmosphere.

ˇ§My Reading Profileˇ¨ Scheme aims at giving feedback to students' reading progress.

Project Work

Cross-curricular projects are held in all junior secondary levels to strengthen students' generic skills.

Homework Submission Policy

The policy aims at helping CACWGC students overcome difficulties in completing and submitting the homework punctually.