Our Belief

Our beliefs on student development:

1. We believe every student is unique and worthy of respect as he/she is created in the image of God.
2. Besides imparting knowledge, education is meant to stretch every student’s potential to the full.
3. We aim at excelling every student despite their varied abilities and learning diversity.
4. Through guidance and love, every student is able to contribute himself /herself to the society.


Committee Members

The student Development Committee serves the school in the following areas:

Student Development Committee
Post Staff Member E-mail Address
Coordinator Ms Chan Sau Man csm@cwgc.edu.hk
Member Mr. Shum Wai Shing sws@cwgc.edu.hk
Member Ms Chan Suet Fun    csf@cwgc.edu.hk
Member Ms Jim Kei Yee jky@cwgc.edu.hk
Member Mr. Leung Ping Kuen lpk@cwgc.edu.hk
Member Mr. Chan Kwok Wai chkw@cwgc.edu.hk